PART 3 in-between and the beautification of everydayness

PART 3 in-between and the beautification of everydayness

December 13, 2016

This is Part 3 of 3. All things In-Between is our everyday with family, pets, kids, and friends.  This is the love of my family's life - His name is Dash. Dash is a foodie and a bull dog. ( not a french bull ) making French Bull pet bowls was natural. 


dash, dog in car, english bulldog, peoples best friend

I love camouflage in general, but wanted a French Bull camo with a spin. We named it Glamo. My favorite part is the silicone rimmed base because Dash is a monster and the slipping and sliding that was going on with his other bowls was a disaster.


Glamo pet bowls, dogs, camo, cat, pet bowl, designer bowls, bowls

I've got big kid's now so I never lived it first hand, but I've been told little kids covet their French Bull dishes because they make French Bull characters their own. Their imaginations fill out the story. This makes me ecstatic because that's exactly what kid's should be thinking about.

Kid's party French Bull plates, birthday party, plates, paper plates, balloons, live vivid

Farm Plate Set, French Bull, melamine plates, outdoor dinnerware, farm animals, live vivid, kids plate set

Our disposable plates put the Happy in Happy birthday (corny ). Seriously though parties are about celebration and up-ness and that's what I want our plates to make you feel.

Ring Square Paper Plate, outdoor dinnerware, ring, party, birthday, celebration, paper plates, birthday cake

I usually have a bunch of friends over to kick off the summer with a BBQ. When grilling and dining al fresco it makes for a French Bull extravaganza. It's all easy peasy light and fun. Our round platters are mega, and really great for burgers buns corn - all that fun stuff. 


outdoor dinnerware, friends together, bbq, barbecue, summer fun, picnic

I use everything French Bull for appetizers too.

FRINGE APPETIZER PLATE SET, melamine plates, outdoor dining, friends together, colorful appetizer plates


get together, people, friends, living room, family