Barcelona went from a plate to a car

by Jackie Shapiro

Barcelona went from a plate to a car


French Bull's vision has always been about iliciting happy feelings and elevating everyday objects. One of my favorite examples of how a tableware collection in a swirly black and white pattern inspired by a flamenco dancer's fan named Barcelona, triggered a host of other everyday objects and experiences with our followers.

Below is our original Barcelona Dinner plate


Barcelona dinner plate, flamenco

We licensed the pattern under the French Bull brand to Meade, known to the general public for their iconic composition notebook.  We designed this range of home office stationery with Meade exclusively for Target.  


Angie Scala, a French Bull fan painted a Barcelona mural in her dining room as seen below.


Angie Scala FrenchBull Mural

Barcelona Dinning Room

Valentina Salge asked our permission to wrap her Smart Car in Barcelona to which we of course said yes!

Here are photos of the finished car.


Smart Car, Barcelona

For sure love of a pattern is subjective, but for me the love for pattern  transcends form. I cherish every iteration as the eye of the observer co-creates enriching the whole creative process.

Jackie Shapiro
Jackie Shapiro