Family vacation French Bull Luggage

PART 2 What can I give you Outside - Tap into your inner Bon Vivant

December 07, 2016

This is Part 2 of 3 - The 'outside' part of Inside outside and in-between. If French Bull can add a pep to your step and give you the freedom to tap into your inner Bon Vivant I am thrilled.


This is a photo with my family on vacation. Besides having magnificent memories of sites, feasts, and together time .... having our vivid French Bull luggage was an added bonus. From instant luggage recognition at baggage claim to getting smiles and compliments from fellow travelers. I designed this collection exclusively for Target and took a set out for a real life spin.


Jackie Shapiro family vacation with French Bull luggage exclusively designed for Target

Our lunch bags are a top top fave among take to school and take to work lunchers. Years ago we jumped into what's known in the biz as the 'space' or 'category'. I like to think French Bull adds a major energy boost during mid-day breaks around the world because of our look. Our lunch bags are sometimes used as mini purses.

Two pretty authentic NYC snaps I took of girls I see on the streets almost every day with our lunch bags.


French Bull lunch bag, NYC subway

The pattern application & production technique of our lunch containers is years in the making. Getting our color pow right, our lids snug & leakproof and our sizing slim and neat was a labor of love well worth it knowing that when you pack them inside your lunch bag and take them out you'll have 2 feel-good moments that other containers, baggies, and tin foil just can't give.

Fabulous gorgeous innovative food storage French Bull

I designed this Yoga bag exclusively for Target in a pattern called Sus - short for Susani. Yoga and non yoga girls are using it as their all purpose tote. It holds all essentials and of course your mat, and has a way of smiling back at others you pass on the street.


Fabulous Sus pattern yoga bag and tote French Bull exclusively designed for Target

Your phone should make it loud and clear you're a woman that's into fashion function and fun.


French Bull TPU coated phone case Kat pattern


An instant fix for little ones to forget they're mushed in the middle seat.

Multi flo pattern neck pillow for kids exclusively designed for Target French Bull Jackie Shapiro

Our FitBit bands are a happy reminder you look gorgeous and fashionable even working out.

French Bull Bindi Fit bit band Jackie Shapiro