Coffee & Tea poured into these killer porcelain ceramic mugs get me going everyday

PART 1 Inside, outside, and in between- On a mission to lift off

December 01, 2016

This is Part 1 of 3. It's the Inside part of Inside outside and in-between. Inside to me means at home. I live out of NYC now and get up super early to be in my office by 9AM. No joke - my morning coffee in a dazzling porcelain mug & sized to perfection seriously gets me out of bed. Giving you a lift with the things that surround your everyday is what motivates me and drives French Bull to make it all feel good for you.


oasis mug, gift, floral pattern, coffee mug, tea mug

Diane our funny and picky graphic designer uses our dessert spoons for her yogurt breaks. I love seeing it in action because the pattern on the spoon complimenting the color of the bowl is a gorgeous visual. She says it's the perfect bite size and gets into corners no other spoon can. The functionality is cool, but what I love most is that only French Bull will take the plunge & produce something so teeny beautiful and nicely priced for a moment in your everyday to be pleasurable.

spoon, dessert, lunch, dining



This picture is in my kitchen and a testament of how cutting your grapefruit can be an uplifting experience with our cutting boards.

bowls, cutting board, food storage, knives

I want your pot to be stunning on your stove top, oven and table. It will cook, serve, store and clean easily. I am proud French Bull dares to make a clay pot with a pattern, and meticulously refine the technique so it's gorgeous functional and price accessible.

french bull super cooker, crock pot, food, cooking, cookware, gift

My brother-in-law has told me that our plates make the food taste better. I love how fun they make the interior of my dishwasher look.  

melamine plates, gala, outdoor dinnerware, plates, gifts

melamine plates, outdoor dinnerware, gifts, floral pattern, shatter resistant


I want the bowls you use for morning cereal to jump start your day .

bowls, colorful bowl, bowl, food storage, outdoor dinnerware


I want our PJs to make you feel cute.


Neiman Marcus catalog, PJs, French Bull, 2 women, sleepy, sitting on couch, pattern

and I want your bed time story to give you sweet dreams. Let's just say, the first & last thing you see in your day be should be positive. 

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