About us & Jackie Shapiro

Since FRENCH BULL's debut in 2002 with their line of tableware with a modern spin, French Bull's vision has grown into a lifestyle brand with global reach. Boasting the signature designs of founder and designer Jackie Shapiro, French Bull's mastery of pattern and color comes to life in a wide range of products for your everyday.

With their motto of “Live Vivid!” French Bull expresses the vividist in all of us in and outside the home.
French Bull lets people show their true colors. It’s fierce, fashiony and fun. 

French Bull aficionados love color. They mix high with low and gladly mash mass with class. Their tastes are eclectic and multicultural. They’re smart, independently-minded and possess a sophisticated sense of humor. They love to entertain and are great gift givers.

French Bull founder, Jackie Shapiro, is a rebel with a cause — to bring her philosophy of Live Vivid to the world one fabulously reimagined object at a time. A life-long resident of New York City, Jackie’s early days in fashion and music have resulted in a signature style that is vibrant, spirited and energetic.