Fashion designer to surface designer

Fashion designer to surface designer

November 07, 2016

I studied fashion design, and was a practicing designer. I traveled throughout Europe and Asia for years going to factories, fabric shows, trend shopping and so on.  I began using a Macintosh computer for design work the day it went on sale, met my future husband at the first ever MacWorld Expo in Boston, MA, got married, and had 2 kids back to back.


Jackie Shapiro, Ron Meckler, black and white photo

This is Ronnie Meckler my husband.


Ron Meckler, NYC, Kids

Ronnie and my kid’s on an NYC stroll.


Family life beckoned, and went from "on the road fashion designer" to  "stay in town print designer".


With a commitment to the Mac in it's early stages as my tool of choice, I experimented with ways I could use the computer in fashion. A true lover of graphics and pattern I channeled my attention there when I made the changeover and moved into Ronnie’s design studio.


Jackie Sharp, 70s

I come by my love of pattern honestly with a mom famous for her printed Italian wrap dresses in the seventies - pattern was everywhere in my world.

Here's a photo of a paisley patterned wrap dress by mother Eva whose company was called Eva for Robert Janan


I designed five groups with 10 patterns within each group and created a Jackie Shapiro pattern collection, I called on Jill Weinberg of Splash Studios to represent me, and made the full career shift.

Here's a snapshot of a typical pattern group I might design within a theme for my Jackie Shapiro line with Splash Studios. 

Jill's studio broke ground early on. She was a fellow fashion person promoting the use of computers in the biz, and had always cultivated, and supported artists who’s work was inspired, and on trend. I was in great company and very free. The patterns cover themes and styles I dabbled in. Splash was a lab for me where I could design a "group" in any theme or style and put it out there. I developed a bunch signature looks with themes like room-scapes, game boards, maps. I did ballet class themed prints for little girls, manipulated photo florals for tweens, golf themed prints for guys, sophisticated abstracts for women. 

Eventually I gained a nice following with some high profile loyalists and saw my work pop up on PJs, handbags, bathing suits, gift-wrap, towels, and bedding. I've designed a lot of map patterns, below is a classic NYC one I designed for Sportsac which I love.