A quickie about me

A quickie about me

October 14, 2016

My fashion designer mom Eva and I moved to scary 1970’s Manhattan from Riverdale in the Bronx. My Dad moved across the street from legendary Disco, Studio 54. New York City was wild creative and broke. This is a picture at my subway stop.

NYC, Subway, 1970's

I studied fashion at Parsons School of Design.  Rock and Roll was my muse. The Mudd club my wreck room.

Jackie Shapiro, Rock and Roll, Mudd Club

After graduating Parsons I moved to Milan to design for the fantastic fabulous ground breaking happening Fiorucci. Here's a picture at a store event.

Fiorucci, design, Milan

While in Italy I was reading a lot about, and getting excited about tech.

My mind exploded with visions of the possibilities. Determined to use computers for fashion design I came back to the USA to pursue. In 1984 I bought a Mac and trudged my way through 128K of RAM to do so. Here's a still of me on Family Computing a cable show of the time.

Mac, 1984

To see the whole ordeal of using a computer to design clothes in 1984 click on the video play button. It's about 14 minutes so feel free to slide on through.