Kat Insulated Shopper Tote Bag

We all got things to carry. We all need a bag to carry them in. Might as well look good doing it. Like real good. Like real, real good. Like French Bull Tote Bag good.


  • Bag is sturdy and stain resistant. Includes insulated lining.

  • A functional fashion statement. Use for grocery shopping, picnics, or casual strolls around town.

  • Wipes clean easily.

  • Measurements: 19.3"L x 14"W x 8"W, Can hold up to 30 cans with ice


About Kat

Kat is inspired by the ancient textile technique, known as Ikat. Some believe Ikat cloth is imbued with supernatural and mystical powers. While we're not sure about that, we do believe our Kat will magically morph the mundane to the magnificent.

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